Malmo rejoice: GOLD IS DONE!

It rained on LdB FC players' gold happiness when the final signal received at Malmö ip before 2569 in the stands. They needed a point against Umeå IK. It became three after unthreatened 2-0 victory, both goals in the first half.


There was no slumpmål. LdB FC had options in their attacks and made ​​it hard for UIK defenders to anticipate the next step. 
creator Therese Sjögran showed the same ingenuity in gaming perception that some of the biggest Malmo players on the men's side. It was she who received a nice pass from his own half by Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir challenged Umeå left. From his own half came Aly Riley sprinted and created an excessive number in the penalty area for clearance was Manon Melis. 

Another creator was Ramona Bachmann, although she usually had Umeå IK Hanna Folkesson in the back. Overall, you get appointed Ramona to the current best player in winning team. 
Umeå IK had the lead after the first great scoring chance with completed by Hanna Folkesson the top of the rib behind Thora Helgadottir in hemmaaget. 
Prelude was Jenny Hjohlmans. Initially prepared she Aly Riley some problems on their border. 
LdB FC-slope Lina Nilsson forced Malin Reuterwall in Umeå target of the returned on a hard long shots and forwards teeth into the penalty area but the ball was cleared away in the end.


Lina hit the post to Sara Björck Gunnarsdottirs 2-0-nck. Although this had Therese Sjögran share in that LdB FC got space on the edge. Small passively in Umeå's defense, however.  Manon Melis pushed really hard and unless Rita Chekwulu thrown himself and covered it would have been with than 2-0 at halftime.

Anja Mittag did not make any goal. It had Umeå IK firmly, but she was still behind much that got LdB FC's game to flourish, pulled up the right hand side at the start of the second half to Manon Melis who sent the ball to Therese Sjögran but UIK-slope Tuija Hyrrynen saved at the far post. 
At the beginning of the second half got Umeå IK going longer attack and the game leveled out. If it was not for that, this was a day when most lyckads for LdB FC had slopes Amanda Ilestedt become frilägesutvisad after the race with Lina Hurtig and tröjdragningen. 
About Katrin Jonsdottirs header after a corner not taken the bar without giving 2-1-Reduction quarter left, it could possibly become a little shaky in the future champions.Three minutes left rescued Thora Helgadottir a shot of Alexandra Nilsson, UIK-central defender who showed up near the goal. Lina Hurtig and Jenny Hjohlman simply had an overwhelming too well together defenses against itself in order to threaten.


A noticeably wet, touched but pleased trainer came to the press conference after celebrating and talking to TV after the win in the pouring rain. 
Reaching Jonas, how excited were you really face this game? 
-Very tense if truth be told, this is now the goal is reached and one can relax for a while, he says with a big smile on his face.


In the current situation, you have sexpoäng more than Tyreso FF. Can you explain why you win the SM-gold? 
-We are a solid team that has worked hard to get better as a collective. Not least in our defending, we have taken great strides and it has meant that we got a bigger basic security in our game which is reflected in our game as well in the offensive which we are extremely strong in our transition game.

Here is stopped talking for the door to the players' dressing room opened and the trio Katrin Schmidt, Ramona Bachmann and Paula Radtke offers singing and joy, "so sieht ein Sieger aus, so seeing a chewy think out" sang them with big smiles on their faces before they thanked for their and returned to the other players.

Well Jonas, it becomes something celebrations today? 
- Given that we have the return leg of the Champions League on Wednesday and then a final match away against Mallbacken next weekend so we will wait to celebrate. Tonight, however, a good dinner together, that we are worthy, he concludes.