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Alexandra Riley's located right in the Gold Club

The euphoria trumped the damp autumn weather and the LdB Malmö squad danced together as the women's gold winner. Several of the players regained the feeling of being on top, for others it was the first time they tasted the best words in Sweden.

- It just feels so good. Last year we were so disappointed. Since the first game day of the year, we set our sights for this, said Alexandra Riley.

With the gold just one point away Malmo showed that not only have the players and the game for gold. The art of getting into it under pressure from the media and the surroundings with their own hopes were painted with dark colors and became a burden to Umea last season. Now give the whole situation instead of energy, the first half was stable and extremely gold finding 2-0. 

- It can go one of two ways, either you come out and feel the press with a lot of excess that you do not what to make of. Or else everything falls into place just like today, we deserved it after a fantastic season.

The game after the break was accompanied by increasingly heavy rain, players could not care less about. The celebrations were just as strong, joy as penetrating as the strongest sunshine.

A dark corner under a projecting roof is not a glamorous place for a gold interview, but you take what you have. LdB FC Malmo has just taken back what they had two years ago and Alexandra Riley is not stingy with the environment.

She plays frequently in the New Zealand national team, grew up in Los Angeles and came to Malmo 2012. This year her role has become more and more stable. 

- It is always a difficult first year in a new team and a new country. Last year, with the Olympics in the middle resulted in a different sense, it has felt much better this year. Ramona, Anja, Schmidt, we played together all year, and I think everyone can see that we are more comfortable now, said Alexandra Riley.

The Left back has grown into the team and been able to expand her duties on the field. - I've been working a lot with my attacks.

In Umea, it was the obvious defensive qualities which first appeared, duels with Emmelie Konradsson was Umea's challenging force on the edge.

In two minds between advancing and holding one of the few positions in their own half during the bout began Riley cautiously but soon began to follow up.

A difficult choice? Not if you drilled in LdB Malmo's offensive balance. 
- In our law it is only to go on if it happens on one edge. An extra player in the assault makes it harder for the opponents. It happens more and more on the women's side to the outer slopes are up.

That way, she became involved with an assistant to Manon Melis 1-0. Therese Sjogran took the ball along the edge, waited out the moment and played until Riley cut in towars the goal and slid the ball back to the area where Melis often lurks..

The stamp with a complicit exterior also got 2-0 target with Lina Nilsson at the post.Numbers that stood until the final whistle and emphasizes a different part of LdB's gold construction.

Opponents zeroed for the 14th time, the fruit of many hours of defense training. 
- We really put a lot of effort. Thora is a great goalie and we really supported her. The defense starts up anyway from our forwards, Anja presses, Ramona presses and we have built it up as a team.

Have you had to adapt your own style defense? 
- It's more technical here while it goes directly into the United States. To run and be fast one is a great asset there, here I have to be close to the players. Defending yourself against Ramona Bachmann every day in training know soon what it is about, said Alexandra Riley and becomes an even bigger smile.

Time under the roof is nearing its end, gratulanterna queued Riley gets ready for a warm change of clothes. The night is young players in gold hat, Malmo gold heroes were transported in a limousine for a joint dinner.

The medals will be awarded in the deep forests of Varmland, after the last round next weekend. 
- We have match on Wednesday and we want to finish strong against Mallbacken next weekend. But the club has certainly planned something, I'll have to teach me a thing or two from those who know how to celebrate "english style" for a national championship.