Football Ferns






By Ralph Bretzer October 14 21:30

 The sun shines over Malmö IP day after LDB FC Malmö secured their third national championship in four years.Continuing will take the moisture from yesterday's downpour in artificial turf pitch.

Inside the office is congratulatory flowers and spreads fragrance while everyday life is back to work in full swing. 

Inside we meet the coach Jonas Eidevall.LDB that club has become accustomed gold medalists but for Jonas Eidvall, who joined the team before last season and became the head coach for the ongoing, it is the first time. 
- I'm trying to drink in the feeling, all the impressions, the wonderful buzz, the joy and chaos that is just when you accomplished something together, he says. 


Spite celebration with food, song and dance at the restaurant at Lilla Torg night before, he was away from work at the usual time, at half past seven on Monday morning. - The match of the Champions League on Wednesday. This applies to march steadily.It would be foolish to go down and forego something in one end for the achievement of something good in the other. It's time to throw more celebrations later. This is the third SM-gold for LDB FC Malmö, former gold has been known as Malmö FF, and the last. In fact, the game against Umeå IK was the last home game as LDP. In the Champions League team called FCR Malmö and next season the team will, after the merger with FC Rosengård, to be played under that name. - For me it's much more important than the name to know their history, knowing what you have accomplished. 


There are very very positive in the way they worked with the girls' soccer and developed it, both nationally and internationally. Now symbolizes this name change is also a future, new and expanded opportunities for that compound to take social responsibility for Malmö. I can only see as positive. IN FC Rosengård is already a women's team that won the Division 4 this year and went up in the third grade. - I think keeping so that you have two representative team. third winning the gold medal at the Four Seasons, that is. Are you too dominant in the headlines? - Can you be too dominant in football? I've been here for two years. We took 55 points last year and has taken 54 years, with one game left to play, of 66 possible. It's high scoring numbers and has Tyreso also enjoyed. I think it's been beneficial to competition biting experience when we come out of Europe, for example, against Lyon.

 - We need to get better, we can not be complacent. It is the self-discipline we need. Being able to see themselves in the mirror every morning and say: What is required today?What is the best thing I can do? What is it possible to do? Not only do the necessary. Last Thursday, beating Malmo Lillestrom in sixteenth-finals of the Champions League with 3-1. On Wednesday, Norwegians on return visits.

 - State of the squad looks good I think. It will be the fourth game in ten days so it's clear that it's tough match but on the other hand, we are well trained for it. - We have the same players available as before the game against Umeå here. What is required that you would go all the way in Champions League? Are you there now? 

- I think we have made ​​more progress than we were this year when we lost 8-0 over two games against Lyon. But there are many pieces that we will continue to improve for us to give ourselves a chance to win these games at some point. What do you need to improve to be able to do it? - It's really in all phases of the game but it is central to the way we play football is an even better passing game, both in terms of creating scoring opportunities and to keep the ball within the team. I think that we have developed over the past year but if we up the ultimate Euro-class, we need to be one step better. - I also believe that we can develop the physics further optimize in order to become more sustainable and able to take more maxlöpningar during games, get stronger in duel game.

 - It's like they say in Germany: the good can become better, it's not good enough.Is there any particular part of the team that need improvement? - As the squad has been balanced in years would have been fine with slightly more defensive options. I feel we have a lot of tools offensively. Defensively, we've done that great too but we have been more dependent on having the margins on our side, not getting players injured or suspended. It is not inconceivable that we make a gain there. At the same time we must remember that we Nil 14 times out of 21 so far in the series, there is a new club record for clean sheets. LDB has received much praise for attacking game during the season. Among other things, talked coach Pia Sundhage about it after Sunday's game. 

- A good attacking game ... You inherit your positions in the attacking game, when you lose the ball, your defense game. So as you look when you lose the ball, you will see when you begin your defense game. There is nothing worse when talking football than when one distinguishes between defensive and offensive game.Football is all about transitions between defense and attack. , it is not just the name of LDB FC is doomed. The plan at Malmö IP has seen its last game.Heating coils should be buried and a new turf field is added, a plan that keeps the game all year round. The current becomes slippery in winter when it freezes, and therefore dangerous to play on. This means that Malmo now get to play their remaining home games in the Champions League on natural grass at Malmö Stadion. What will it mean in terms of football for you? - We have played a lot of games away on natural grass, including most recently against Lillestrom. It is clear that there is a difference between natural grass and artificial turf but we have good conditions to prepare ourselves for natural grass in the stadium area. I think you should be able to play on both bases.