"Gold festivals are the best"

At 16:12 in the afternoon started LDB FC Malmö gold celebration and continued at a restaurant at Lilla Torg. Midsummer Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year - at the same time.

- Of course it is. Absolutely! Gold festivals are the best, said right-back Lina Nilsson.

Umeå were defeated 2-0 at Malmo ip. LDB FC Malmö's third national championship since 2010 was "Himma."

From the speakers sounded Cliff Richard's old popular tune "Congratulations", but it would soon be replaced with heavier stuff.

Gold hats and black T-shirts with a golden writing, clearly and concisely explained who rules in Football Sweden.

And the lap of honor to chant "Jump if you love the LDP."

A few hours later, Little Torgs alfresco pretty stuffed by eating guests, propane heater makes a chilly autumn evening to summer.

From the Main Square was heard shouts.

- Championships, national championships, SM guuuuld, chanted a caravan of LDP players. Restaurant-gps was set at La Grappa.

Victory drunken, partying and having gold fever rushed by around the bodies, did the players entrance.

Deafening roar straight into Sunday evening, rhythmic banging of restaurant tables, smiles wide as a kindergarten group in anticipation of ice cream.

The bowl was in champagne and soon the girls stood up on the chairs.

The command took midfielder Sara Bjork Gunnarsdottir, she screamed into the television microphones and showed as much emotion as when she scored against Umeå.

- An amazing feeling. I always show emotion when I score, but this was a bit special, she said.

Icelanders are known for being good at partying, right?

- We do not go so hard today, we have the Champions League on Wednesday and are professional, said Sara Bjork Gunnarsdottir.

The restaurant turned into an emotional pressure cooker.

- This is almost exhausting than the game, said Lina Nilsson.

- We are enjoying quite good. It is common sense that applies, she continued.

Third SM-gold for you comment?

- I value all three guilders loud, but this time we were calculated. Then we have a fall season which is fantastic. The tide turned against Tyreso when we were in and had a player sent off, said Lina Nilsson.

It was gold paint on the faces and placards proclaiming who is the best.

At 19:12 had "Congratulations" definitely given way, out of the restaurant speakers streamed Queens "We Are the Champions".

If the LDP players stood on the chairs and sang with? Guess!


Roast sirloin steak.

Potato Cake.


Hazelnut Panna cotta with white chocolate.


Championships have LDB FC Malmö and its predecessor Malmö FF. Golden Years: 1986, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 2010, 2011, 2013.



Bachmann Allsvenskan top

When the other players in the series may determine named Allsvenskan best player Ramona Bachmann. Technological midfielder has found balance in Malmö this year.

- I've been working a lot mentally and it has simply been fantastic, said Ramona Bachmann was difficult to put into words their feelings when gold was at home.

- It is almost impossible to describe. This is what we work for all year and here we are. There is nothing better.

She was a little more tense than usual before the game against Umeå yesterday, but could not control it well.

For something has happened to Ramona Bachmann this season. Last year she was much more uneven and in the match against Umeå in fourteen she pulled out two hand which meant that she was expelled in the final game.

Yesterday was the resistance the same, but Bachmann did a brilliant effort, especially as important cog in the clearance gap ahead.

Were you able to enjoy on the pitch?

- Absolutely. We felt so strong and I felt that there was any team that could beat us.

She has her second season in the LDB FC Malmö taking increasing responsibility including defensive and is rarely down and warrior ball back in defense.

- Last year I was not really in the balance, maybe I had too high expectations on myself because I was new. Now I have come into the team.

Especially during the fall LDB FC Malmö been unbeatable. And after the turn towards Tyreso, with Bachmann maximum involved, it's been straight gold trail - since then the confidence shone clearly on the entire team.

- It was not only important that we turned the match for the table. It was important to us that we showed what a great team we are. Staying in with a goal with a player less against Tyreso, which is not any team, and turn around. It gave damn lot of confidence.

Awarded the Allsvenskan's best players, what do you say about that?

- It makes me very proud, but at the same time I want to share it with all my team. There are those that allow me to perform at its peak.