Coach Marcus Tilly shows his less stoic side after Ramona's winning goal at the death.

 NIKLAS Wihlborg

Malmö. After a new point loss seemed inevitable, Ramona Bachmann provided FC Rosengård  the winning goal in the final minute of the match.

“Nice to decide it so late and take three very important points!”, said the goalscorer.

During the ninety minutes FC Rosengard rained shots against Kristianstad goal. National Team goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl played great and looked to be the match hero for her team who defended themselves bravely and occasionally made razor sharp counterattacks.

“ It was a fair victory, but we did a good job collectively. I also think that we manage to steer out the severe closed positions. Apart from the goal by Anja [Mittag], I do not think they managed to get clean shots,” said Kristianstad Coach, Hedvig Lindahl.

While the national team goalkeeper almost kept the game tied, the statistics  reveal the dominance of  FC Rosengard.  The team had 26 shots, 12 of them on goal and three hit the wookwork.

The crucial 90th minute goal came when Anja Mittag’s misdirected shot bounced instead towards team-mate Ramona Bachmann.

“ The ball ended up in front of my feet, and I took a touch and fired into the far. It was my only chance because I had a pretty bad angle,” said Ramona Bachmann, who earlier in the game had had two unsuccessful shots.

“ It was frustrating because we were so much better, but still did not manage to get a second goal.” She liked and valued the victory extra high considering last loss against Linkoping.

Bachmann also felt that the recent tough games had left its mark.

“ The match against Linkoping four days ago was very tough and I felt it in the legs today. I was a little worn and sometimes when you know it will not all perfect,” she said, referring to the many missed scoring opportunities and overworked situations.


FC Rosengård effort was two-fold. Inefficiency mixed with brilliance. At ahead goal in the 15th minute was laid off Anja Mittag in the penalty area then the team set about quickly and efficiently. Free penalty could shooting Queen chipping the ball past a rushing Hedvig Lindahl.

Kristianstad equalized after Kathrin Langert and a Rosengård defender miscommunicted.

The equalizer was the beginning of an intense search for a winning goal. Rosengård took 15 more shots  before the winning goal came in the 90th minute.